Equality Testing with Hardcoded Strings

If you are going to use a String equality comparison that involves a hardcoded string, you might as well save yourself from some NullPointerExceptions and the extra null pointer check, put the hardcoded string as the method call-e instead of the parameter.

Instead of:

if ( foo.equals( "some static string" ) ){...}


if ( foo != null && foo.equals( "some static string" ) ){...}

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Gmail Tasks: It is About Time

Gmail added a new feature into their Labs, which we have been waiting for what seemed like forever: Gmail Tasks.

They added the feature in labs and posted the article on the Gmail blog.

Luckily, they made Gmail Tasks a non-intrusive component to the UI (unlike a Gmail gadget which makes Gmail’s left column extremely long); it uses a Gmail chat window frame.

I don’t think that RTM (Remember the Milk) is going to be too happy.

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You Speak: What SHOULD a Software Engineer’s Resume Look Like?

After you have been out of college for a few years, you realize that it’s about time to change your resume (you probably do not want to include classes and other trivial information). Well, you might find yourself asking the question, “what should it look like now?”  You could go out there on the webz looking for direction and templates, but sometimes they can be misleading and may not represent the majority opinion.

Well, I figured it’s about time to ask everyone out there what their opinion is; I would like to put together a collection of the comments and opinions from everyone out there and put them together as a coherent set of ideas in a follow up post.

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What a Resume Should NOT Look Like

This was an actual resume for a position at a bowling alley, but I think we could all take a minute to see why this style of resume might not be “the best” in any situation.

I’ll give you a little taste…

… While we were on the farm, my grandparents, mother, and I would take two weeks out of the summer to go on family vacations. I can still remember my first trip out of Florida. It was to the state of Florida. My first grade year we went to the grand canyon, my first grade teacher rode down it on a mule. My first grade teacher was Mrs. Maphles. I was the brightest in my class when it came to math and numbers…

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