Should I Buy An iPhone 3G?

Ok folks, we need to make a decision to buy a new iPhone 3G or not, and we would like your help and input. The iPhone 3G seems like a great phone but based on circumstances, we need to know if it will be worth it.

Now, I know at least some of you readers out there have made the plunge; you have purchased the iPhone 3G (we also know that not all of you were brand spanking new customers to AT&T or were ready for the 2 year upgrade, so maybe you are/were in the same boat that we are in). I need to know from those of you who have the iPhone 3G, if it’s really worth it.

Read our dilemma and cast your vote or leave a comment!

The Dilemma

Our Current Facts…

  • I am a current AT&T customer that is in the middle of my current contract.
  • I am not eligible for a full-upgrade until March of 2009.
  • I am eligible for an early-upgrade as of now.
  • My wife gave me a $216 gift card to the Apple store for the iPhone.

IPhone 3G Cost Situations…

  1. The iPhone 3G (8GB) costs $199 for customers eligible for a full-upgrade.
  2. The iPhone 3G (8GB) costs $399 for customers eligible for an early-upgrade
  3. The iPhone 3G (8GB) costs $599 for customers not eligible for any upgrade

Therefore, I am in cost situation 2 where the early-upgrade will cost me $399.

However, my wife did give me a $216 Apple gift card to pay for the iPhone (she didn’t know I wasn’t eligible for the full-upgrade price)

  • This leaves me with shelling out $200 of my own + $216 gift card + $$$ for iPhone accessories/chargers/etc.

The plan I am choosing will be the FamilyTalk 700 minutes for us.

Here’s the full breakdown of monthly price…

Item Cost
FamilyTalk 700 $69.99
- 20% Corp. Discount - $14.00
Plan Subtotal $55.99
iPhone 3G Data Plan $30.00
Wife TXT Plan (1500) $15.00
My TXT Plan (200) $5.00
Total Monthly Cost $105.99

Why even bother with all this?

There have been many downsides that I have read about the iPhone 3G. To list a few…

  • Battery life
  • Battery life
  • Omg 3G drains battery life
  • Apps crash frequently
  • Apps freeze frequently
  • Phone crashes frequently
  • Reception

We just want to know if the benefits far supersede the costs (both monetary and physical)!

The Decision

After reviewing our dilemma, what is your final vote on the iPhone 3G purchase?

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What about the iPhone 3G in general?

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Your input is appreciated and important! Thanks!

Any Comments?

Leave a comment that might help me with my decision. Thanks much!

13 thoughts on “Should I Buy An iPhone 3G?

  1. For all of its ‘flaws’, it’s still a damn fine product. The battery life is not as bad as people make it out to be…UNLESS you’re 100% in 3G mode, do a LOT of surfing, AND have Location Serviced (GPS) turned ‘On’ all the time.

    EDGE works just fine for calls. If I need to do some surfing, I’ll turn on 3G (if I’m not near a WiFi hotspot).

    The built-in apps are rock-solid. Some purchased apps have been known to crash frequently, even taking down some built-in apps. But that’s on the app developer (vote with your wallet). As for other crashes and freezes, most seemed to be caused by the earlier 2.0 version of the OS. Most of those issues have been addressed or resolved.

    And as for reception, it’s just like any other carrier: if you life and work near their towers, you’ll fare better than if you don’t.
    Since you’re already an AT&T customer, I suspect you’ll fare just fine.

    Enjoy your new iPhone!

    P.S. Buy a good case (I have the Speck PixelSkin and recommend it –

  2. We are looking into getting the iPhone for our work phone and our tech guy has been tinkering with it. The reception problems he had heard about as well and they are now resolved according to him. I think the only real problems you will have with reception is if you are out in the boonies. I suggest waiting for the full upgrade deal. The 3G iPhone is still new, this will give them more time to work out the kinks in it that you mentioned above. If you use apps on it constantly, it will kill the battery, but that is the same with any phone. Hope you guys had a wonderful time on the honeymoon. I want to hear stories!

  3. You wont’ get the corp discount on the plan even if they tell you right now…once you get it it won’t work. Not even people from homeland security can get any monthly discount.

  4. 1. The phone works fine…3G is new, so there might be some glitches now and then…..only 2% of the users are having issues….or so they say…compared to what? What phone doesn’t drop calls?….only my LAND LINE.

    2. Having that much technology in your pocket is worth it. Internet, Photos, Stocks, Mapping, e-mail, SMS…oh video iPod…it is great for all those things….and it will spoil you very quickly as it sets a new standard for all the OTHER Cell Phone Mfrs…..want to look at an attachment from your Crackberry?…just forward it to your iPhone…you’ll see it as if it were on a PC (smaller, but you can expand sections)……I hope someday that they make a 10″ x 12″ version…maybe they can called iTablet?

    3. Battery Life….just charge it every night on your night stand, and don’t forget to set it’s alarm….it works great as an alarm clock also.

    4. It’s part of who you are…APPLE like Lexus, means best in class….nothing wrong in working hard and getting the finer things in life…you deserve it!

    5. iGet the iPhone…

  5. my iPhone was actually a gift from my girlfriend. i really love this phone and i think that this is the best phone that money can buy. i like the features and the design.

  6. I got an iPhone 3G as a gift from my best friend. This phone is the best phone that i ever had, great style and great features. I luv my iPhone 3G.

  7. Netter Text übers i-Phone. Bin selbst absoluter Fan davon. Demnächst soll ja auch schon wieder iPhone 4GS erscheinen. Werde mir das dann aber wohl kaum Kaufen, denn Apple bringt das doch etwas zu früh raus..

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