Monthly Archives: September 2008

Why Rapid Prototyping Generally Sucks For a Developer

Rapid prototyping can be a wonderful thing for involving the end customer in the design and development process; it can make them happy (it shows progress) which makes you money; however, if you have the wrong kind of customer, your life as a developer can becoming a living nightmare. The horror is increased by several orders of magnitude if you have the requirement to produce fully functional prototypes.

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Google Chrome CSS Selector Speeds Compared

Google somewhat surprised us all and released it’s web browser on Sept. 2, 2008; most users of the shiny new browser have been extremely impressed with the initial speed and features. I have to say that even I am impressed by this new browser (as long as I’m not behind a corporate firewall).  Since the CNET article came out about the extreme speed of Google Chrome, I immediately wondered how it would perform against other browsers in the tool Slickspeed CSS selectors test, so I decided to do some benchmarking of my own.

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90′s Male Thunderbird Spotted in the Wild

A 10-15 year old blue male Thunderbird was spotted prowling the cement prairies in Arlington, TX.  It is currently the mating season for the Thunderbirds; moreover, judging from the color of the genitalia, we believe that there is a physical problem with this male because it seems that “no mates will accept him”.

Seriously, why do people do this? Especially on a Thunderbird?

The Main Reason For JavaScript Unreadability

One of the things that I have noticed about JavaScript is that there are many ways to solve the same problem (sometimes I even think of it like perl’s answer to browser-side scripting); one one side, this is definitely a good thing.

However, not only are there many ways to solve the same problem, but everyone that tries to solve that same problem produces JavaScript code that is so radically different from any previous attempt at the problem that it makes these problems seem more difficult than they really are.
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Should I Pay for Additional Hosting for myNetflix?

I developed the myNetflix application in mind for easily viewing (not editing) your Netflix queue’s on Facebook so that your friends and others could view your movies and you could easily share them or add them to your queue; now I am hitting a road block because I am trying to advance the application but it will likely need more dedicated power and CPU time than with my shared hosting on, which translates to more $$$ for a better hosting plan.

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