Google Chrome Behind a Corporate Proxy- A Long Way to Go

Google just opened its website to download Google Chrome, so we decided to go ahead and download it and give it a whirl behind a corporate proxy.

Well, the outcome wasn’t as bad as we initially thought, but we did see that it has a long way to go before prime time.

Here’s a short roundup of the praises and problems I have experienced to this point…

What We Like…

  • Tabs above everything
  • Cool blue hue colors
  • Fonts (when they show up) are very nice
  • Uses Webkit
  • Creating Google application shortcuts easily (although there’s nothing that alerts you to that the current app has that capability)
  • Incognito mode
  • Uses IE to connect (one place to manage proxy stuff)

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What We Don’t Like…

  • Uses IE to connect…
  • Rendering sucks behind certain proxy/firewalls
  • Secure Gmail doesn’t work behind corporate firewall (
  • Copying text leaves text that gets pasted as Times New Roman?
  • Background images get “half-loaded” or not loaded at all a lot of the time!
  • Another freaking browser to support!!!

User Agent String (on XP)

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/525.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/525.13

Incognito Mode

Hmm, what can this be used for???

This is what it says on Google’s site…

For times when you want to browse in stealth mode, for example, to plan surprises like gifts or birthdays, Google Chrome offers the incognito browsing mode. Webpages that you open and files downloaded while you are incognito won’t be logged in your browsing and download histories; all new cookies are deleted after you close the incognito window. You can browse normally and in incognito mode at the same time by using separate windows.

Yeah, I’m sure all those Google engineers like planning surprises and birthdays…

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Update1: It seems to be something with my company’s corporate firewall/proxy

Update2: One of my friends suggested that it somehow is being seen as a mobile browser, but I changed Firefox’s user-agent and the problems did not exist.

Here is what looks like… crap. Background-images get loaded improperly and everything looks horrible. I bet digg is excited to fix this!

engfer(s).com… where at the background images and colors!!!

3 thoughts on “Google Chrome Behind a Corporate Proxy- A Long Way to Go

  1. I have found that people like to get onto facebook / youtube / myspace when they are at work. So the simple way to do that if it is blocked is just to unblock it with a facebook / youtube / myspace proxy. You can always find new ones if yours gets blocked.

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