Should I Pay for Additional Hosting for myNetflix?

I developed the myNetflix application in mind for easily viewing (not editing) your Netflix queue’s on Facebook so that your friends and others could view your movies and you could easily share them or add them to your queue; now I am hitting a road block because I am trying to advance the application but it will likely need more dedicated power and CPU time than with my shared hosting on, which translates to more $$$ for a better hosting plan.


The new myNetflix test application is a lot more robust that the predecessor.

New Features:

  • Better interface
  • Links to Add movies that your queue if you wish
  • Shows more movie information: rating, mpaa, directors, actors, year, etc
  • Shows if a movie is already in your queues
  • Better settings/security and help pages
  • Shows your history, home, and in queue
  • Show part of your queue in your profile
  • New backend with expandable framework
  • Eventually, will show your friends using myNetflix and their movies
  • Eventually, will be able to share movies (like “hey john, check this out!”)
  • Eventually, will show stats of all myNetflix users (top movies, top etc…)

Screenshot of queue / movie information

Screenshot of settings page

However, along with all of these features come an increase with processing power and memory.

Now, up to this point, I have been using my own shared account space. (I have a few other apps/domains on this account as well)

After running intiail tests with just my own settings, it takes a long time for data to return sometime because someone else on the Dreamhost shared server might be eating up CPU before a myNetflix request can be processed; this lag (plus myNetflix processing lag) can translate to a time too great for Facebook’s standards, and you will see their ugly screen saying “something wrong with app” or whatever.

The dilema I have is that I need more CPU, bandwidth, and memory to handle all users of myNetflix! Once this version goes live, I know more people are going to want to add it because it shows up in your profile finally!

What Do You Think?

Now one of the solutions includes Joyent’s Facebook developer program where they will give free hosting for a year and then you need to start paying for services.

Do you think this application and its new features/direction are worthy of this risk?

How am I going to fund it? Up to this point I have funded it off of my shared plan so it didn’t really impact me monetarily; this will [possibly substantially impact me].

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** UPDATE: Netflix let me know they will not help me fund; their advice is to charge for the app which I will never do.

8 thoughts on “Should I Pay for Additional Hosting for myNetflix?

  1. You are whining.

    If you want the fame of being a top-facebook developer, then accept that you need to pony up some capital to get face time as well as, of course, NOT develop apps only to let them vanish.

    Am sick and tired of guys who can’t figure out why Microsoft didn’t hire them .. because that’s exactly why!

    Get over it.

    Either: retire for good and find something else to do with your life
    Or: get your business plan straight, launch killer apps, become famous for the right things, sell your business and retire early.


  2. I cant get the app to work. It sends me to a search page when I click add app. This app seems cool. But I cant add it.

  3. @Kim,
    stfu! This guy (?) is donating his time to create the Netflix FB app. There is a valid concern re the cost of hosting–Will the users voluntarily pay for it? Will somebody else pay for it?

    I don’t think anybody in their right mind would even dream of retirement based on a FB app.

  4. @Jim, to an small extent, maybe Kim is correct. Maybe I am complaining.

    The facts that Kim needs to understand are this:
    1. Netflix already charges you a monthly fee
    2. Because of fact 1., I won’t ever charge users for the app
    3. I really don’t want to put ads on the app.
    4. I never planned to make money off this thing.
    5. I just want to give the best user experience without impacting my own dreams, goals and pocketbook.
    6. His point about MS developers is correct, but it has no relevance to my own philanthropy for building this app. Microsoft *pays* their developers once they hire them…


    Netflix just opened their public API so I am adjusting the new app accordingly. It might give a performance boost, it might be a hit. I’ll let everyone know when I know something more.

  5. Good on you for doing this. I’m sort of shocked that netflix won’t fund this more since it obviously advertises their brand. Stupid move in my opinion.

    I look forward to the update and thanks for your hard work.

    Michael E.

  6. As a movie buff, facebook user, and netflix user I appreciate what you are doing. As a software developer I appreciate the effort you have put into building this application. It would be an honor to host your app at no charge.

    I have a dedicated co-located server, it costs a small fortune to host, and it is currently not using near the bandwidth allowed. Please msn me at to let me know what you need. I am not a professional hosting company, more of a developer/hobbiest such as yourself.


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