90′s Male Thunderbird Spotted in the Wild

A 10-15 year old blue male Thunderbird was spotted prowling the cement prairies in Arlington, TX.  It is currently the mating season for the Thunderbirds; moreover, judging from the color of the genitalia, we believe that there is a physical problem with this male because it seems that “no mates will accept him”.

Seriously, why do people do this? Especially on a Thunderbird?

3 thoughts on “90′s Male Thunderbird Spotted in the Wild

  1. man. i’ve been seeing steel balls hanging from trucks and suburbans, but this is the first “male” thunderbird i have ever seen… i will let u know when i spot a thunderbird “female” so that these cars can mate and make an even uglier baby-car… probably will look like a yaris….

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a worse case of blue balls. My heart goes out to that noble and majestic animal.

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