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Has Anyone Else Had Trouble With Logging Into Gmail With Firefox?

I’ve noticed this past week that when I start Firefox, Gmail remembers the last person that was logged in (me); this of course is an expected thing to see. The problem is that when I click to “Login” to my Google accounts, I get put inside this infinite loop state.

I just get redirected to the login page again and again; even if I click “Log in as a different user”.

I have to manually clear my cookies before it will allow me to enter my email address (username); then it will work ok.

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It’s just been a recent problem (the past few days), so I was wondering if anyone else has seen this?

UPDATE: 2008-11-10: FIX: I reinstalled Firefox and made sure to select the option to remove my personal files on uninstall. This seemed to have fixed the problem. I really didn’t care what was the problem; I just wanted it fixed.

How To Make Smarty the Default View for Your Zend Action Controllers

There are many articles and enough documentation out there on how to include the Smarty PHP templating engine into your Zend Framework action controllers; however, there was no solution out there describing how to truly incorporate Smarty as the default view renderer, so I decided to figure it out and show you

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How To Allow Stripped Element Attributes in WordPress’ TinyMCE Editor

The proper way to correct any attributes that TinyMCE strips off of your WordPress posts/pages’ elements is to use the tiny_mce_before_init filter hook. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t document this very well, so I will.

UPDATE: 2008-11-06: I have made a WordPress plugin that does this for you!

» TinyMCE Valid Elements
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On Web Usability: Mouse Cursors and Actionable Page Elements

Whether we realize it or not, the displayed cursor image tells us about the area of the screen below our mouse cursor; it tells us whether or not we need to click, drag, move, resize, or even wait.  Now, I know that we all know this, but I believe that sometimes as developers (especially web developers) we forget that not all items in an application have the correct default cursor for the action that is assigned for that item. Continue reading

Case Study: Poor Web Usability and Design

At the time of writing this article, I couldn’t find a more perfect example than the landing page of the open source software distribution web site, Now, I’m not really sure what web usability and design standards (if they even used any) their designers/developers were using when they made this page, but I am going to pick apart and explain some of the problems that I see as poor selections and decisions for the landing page. Continue reading