Some Computer Science Blogs You Might Consider Following

Here’s a list of CS blogs that I find interesting and insightful. If there’s any more I should be following, let me know!

The List

Martin Fowler

Martin Fowler is the author of several notable CS books; his most notable book is Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (currently reading this at the moment). The articles on his blog are interesting and thought provoking.


ThoughtBlogs is the aggregation of articles from tons of ThoughtWorks‘ employees (consulting company). It’s worth looking at because they hire some pretty smart people; Martin Fowler is their chief scientist.

Tim Berners-Lee
For those of you who don’t know, Tim Berners-Lee was the first person to successfully establish an connection between an HTTP client and server (he invented the intarwebz), and now serves as director of the W3C.

** Be advised; this doesn’t get updated very often.

Ivar Jacobson

Ivar was one of the 3 developers (along with Grady Booch and James Rumbaugh) who developed and defined UML and the Rational Unified Process. He maintains a blog that has some interesting articles.

Grady Booch

Grady Booch was one of the other “3 Amigos” (listed above) to develop UML and the RUP. He now works at IBM Research as chief scientist of the Software Engineering group.

**At the time of writing this post, his website seems to be down. Google’s cache shows that the last cached version was on Nov. 20, 2008. Hopefully he gets it fixed soon!

Mark Russinovich

Mark is a technical fellow at Microsoft in the research group; he was co-creator of Sysinternals when it was usurped into MS. He updates at a decent rate and his articles are pretty long.

Raymond Chen

Raymond is a well known developer for Microsoft’s Windows Shell team. The writing style for his blog and book, both titled The Old New Thing, is very witty and funny; it’s a pretty good read.

Jakob Nielson

Jakob is a leading web usability consultant; he writes usability articles for his website, The site contains some really interesting articles on usability and human-computer interaction. For example, read his article on the “F-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web Content“.

His site isn’t pretty, and it doesn’t really follow his own guidelines; nevertheless, the articles are worth reading. Unfortunately, Jakob missed the boat on RSS feeds, so you can only subscribe via his mailing list.

Seth Godin

This is not really a CS blog at all; however, I did include this for SEO and internet marketing. Many consider Seth Godin to be a genius at marketing. You can see some of his talks online that he’s done at various businesses and events: @ Google, @ Gel 2006, @ TED, @ 2008 Inbound Marketing Summit, and a presentation on his book, Tribes.

Google Blog’s

Google has a whole slew of blogs for their products and some other topics they like to cover. Some of them are good, and some of them are just product update articles; therefore, I listed the ones that I thought contained the most interesting articles.

Google Employees

IBM’s developerWorks Sites

The IBM developerWorks sites contain some pretty useful information about the respective topics they cover. The IBM employees in those groups write the articles for the sites and many of the articles are worth reading.

You can find IBM employee blogs and the rest of IBM’s feeds

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14 thoughts on “Some Computer Science Blogs You Might Consider Following

  1. Definitely enjoyed the article, as I am always looking around for new sites to check out when it comes to CS related content. One though that I thought you missed that is absolutely excellent is Mark Chu-Carroll’s blog “Good Math, Bad Math”. He’s a Computer Scientist for Google and his blog deals with mathematical topics of interest to other like-minded readers.

    Check it out if you’re interested in topics such as category theory, statistics/probabilities, functional programming, etc.

  2. good list :)

    some more:

    0xDE –
    Chris Brogan –
    Frank Wierzbicki’s –
    Groklaw –
    Guido van Rossum’s –
    In theory –
    Joel on Software –
    Lambda the Ultimate –
    Linus’ blog –
    Planet python –
    Schneier on Security-
    Shtetl-Optimized –
    Ted Leung on the Air –

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