Gmail Tasks: It is About Time

Gmail added a new feature into their Labs, which we have been waiting for what seemed like forever: Gmail Tasks.

They added the feature in labs and posted the article on the Gmail blog.

Luckily, they made Gmail Tasks a non-intrusive component to the UI (unlike a Gmail gadget which makes Gmail’s left column extremely long); it uses a Gmail chat window frame.

I don’t think that RTM (Remember the Milk) is going to be too happy.

Tasks vs. RTM in Gmail

The first iteration of Gmail Tasks has a lot of cool features like:

  • Tabbed/grouped tasks
  • Task due dates
  • Task notes
  • Manage multiple lists
  • Intra-Gmail keyboard shortcuts
  • Turn emails into tasks
  • Not a gadget!

No gadget here!

Clicking “Tasks” brings up this dialog.

Unfortunately, it’s lacking a lot of features that I hope will come along with time like:

  • Colored tasks
  • Some kind of reminder (popup/email/audible)
  • Integration with Gcalendar
  • Creation timestamp (in addition to due date)
  • Less bugs…

Right now, RTM has many, many more features:

  • Everything that Tasks does
  • Twitter integration
  • Shared tasks
  • Reminders
  • Colored tasks
  • Lots of other integrations

So as far as feature comparison of product vs. product, of course RTM wins!

However, I believe that in a Gmail context, most users don’t need the full power of RTM. Personally, I just want a fairly simple task list, and Tasks satiates my needs.

RTM provides 2 Gmail integration points: a Firefox extension and a gadget URL.

The Firefox extension is really nice, but its a Firefox extension. Like Opera? Need IE? Like Safari? Too bad. Many corporate/gov’t locations don’t support or allow FF, so you are stuck with the gadget, which makes your left column a skyscraper.

Your Choice…

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