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Google Chrome CSS Selector Speeds Compared

Google somewhat surprised us all and released it’s web browser on Sept. 2, 2008; most users of the shiny new browser have been extremely impressed with the initial speed and features. I have to say that even I am impressed by this new browser (as long as I’m not behind a corporate firewall).  Since the CNET article came out about the extreme speed of Google Chrome, I immediately wondered how it would perform against other browsers in the mootools.net tool Slickspeed CSS selectors test, so I decided to do some benchmarking of my own.

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The Proper Way to Align Images and Icons with Anchor Tags

How many times have some of you tried to add an icon image to an anchor tag (link: <a>) or make some other random image part of that link and have had one-heck-of-a-time trying to align the text of the link and the image (<img>) tag?

I know that I have (especially when each browser treats the vertical aligning differently)…

Well here is the better way of aligning them that will make your life at least 10 times easier using 0 img tags and 1 anchor tag with CSS styling… Continue reading

IE6/IE7 Anchor Y-Axis Border And Padding Fix


Internet Explorer truncates and does not display any vertical padding nor top and bottom borders on an inline element, such as an anchor, inside of a table cell.  Firefox and Safari display correctly without any problems.

Here is an example situation where we want to style an anchor tag with some padding inside of a table cell…

Well, we expect to see some border on all sides of the anchor tag with some gray background; however, as we open it in IE, we see… WHAT?!?!… the top and bottoms are gone?!?! See below…

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