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Has Anyone Else Had Trouble With Logging Into Gmail With Firefox?

I’ve noticed this past week that when I start Firefox, Gmail remembers the last person that was logged in (me); this of course is an expected thing to see. The problem is that when I click to “Login” to my Google accounts, I get put inside this infinite loop state.

I just get redirected to the login page again and again; even if I click “Log in as a different user”.

I have to manually clear my cookies before it will allow me to enter my email address (username); then it will work ok.

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It’s just been a recent problem (the past few days), so I was wondering if anyone else has seen this?

UPDATE: 2008-11-10: FIX: I reinstalled Firefox and made sure to select the option to remove my personal files on uninstall. This seemed to have fixed the problem. I really didn’t care what was the problem; I just wanted it fixed.

Should I Buy An iPhone 3G?

Ok folks, we need to make a decision to buy a new iPhone 3G or not, and we would like your help and input. The iPhone 3G seems like a great phone but based on circumstances, we need to know if it will be worth it.

Now, I know at least some of you readers out there have made the plunge; you have purchased the iPhone 3G (we also know that not all of you were brand spanking new customers to AT&T or were ready for the 2 year upgrade, so maybe you are/were in the same boat that we are in). I need to know from those of you who have the iPhone 3G, if it’s really worth it.

Read our dilemma and cast your vote or leave a comment!

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