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Equality Testing with Hardcoded Strings

If you are going to use a String equality comparison that involves a hardcoded string, you might as well save yourself from some NullPointerExceptions and the extra null pointer check, put the hardcoded string as the method call-e instead of the parameter.

Instead of:

if ( foo.equals( "some static string" ) ){...}


if ( foo != null && foo.equals( "some static string" ) ){...}

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Tips On Interviewing – For Both Sides of the Table


After years of sitting on either side of that ever-dreaded interview table (and giving an interview to a horrible candidate today), I figured it was about time to enumerate some things that I have found useful.

:twisted: Interview-er: (The Bad Guy)

  • Prepare your questions beforehand. Don’t look like an idiot.
  • Have a set schedule and constrained time-frame.  Don’t waste your time nor the interviewee’s.
  • Create a personal atmosphere to bring out the “true” interviewee Continue reading