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A Side Note On WordPress, SEO, sitemap.xml and robots.txt

Last week, I learned that WordPress doesn’t ship with a default robots.txt.

  • this is the default file that search engine crawlers parse to see what resources and URL patterns that it allowed and not allowed to crawl; it’s step 1 in every search engine optimization (SEO) guide.

I guess I just stupidly assumed that it was included in WP. Anyways, I thought it to be fair to tell everyone that if you are using WordPress and you care how your site shows up in search results, you should generate a robots.txt and a sitemap.xml.
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New WordPress Plugin: TinyMCE Valid Elements

We wrote a new WordPress plugin and created a page for it:

TinyMCE Valid Elements

By default, WordPress’ WYSIWYG editor, TinyMCE, will strip out of your Article and Page HTML code any elements that are not defined as “valid elements”; this can be extremely annoying (especially if you want to include iframes).

This plugin will allow you to extend what TinyMCE defines as “valid elements”. By doing so, TinyMCE will no longer remove, delete, or strip-out the additional elements and attributes that you specify.

Check it out!

How To Allow Stripped Element Attributes in WordPress’ TinyMCE Editor

The proper way to correct any attributes that TinyMCE strips off of your WordPress posts/pages’ elements is to use the tiny_mce_before_init filter hook. Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t document this very well, so I will.

UPDATE: 2008-11-06: I have made a WordPress plugin that does this for you!

» TinyMCE Valid Elements
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